Day 1

  • Policy and Programme Management (PP1): objectives and features of a business continuity policy and programme. How to establish roles and communicate principles within the organization.
  • Embedding (PP2): how to make sure continuity awareness is part of your organizational culture and of business-as-usual activities.

Day 2

  • Analysis (PP3): details on what are the analyses to perform to project and implement a business continuity management system.

Day 3

  • Design (PP4): how to develop business continuity solutions and threat mitigation measures to determine how continuity can be achieved in the event of an incident.

Day 4

  • Implementation (PP5): how to create an incident response structure and develop business continuity plans to meet requirements and solutions identified in PP3 and PP4.

Day 5

  • Validation (PP6): which are and how to develop the different types of exercise and how to maintain and review the business continuity programme.

Day 6

  • Review of the entire Business Continuity Lifecycle
  • Mock exams

Exam: during the week of the course, the BCI will provide a link for you through which you may book a convenient day and time slot in order to take the exam online.

*Please note that training materials are provided in electronic version (unprintable PDF).
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